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  1. A Companion to Ancient Egypt
    Edited by: Alan B. Lloyd
  2. A Companion to Ancient Greek Government
    Edited by: Hans Beck
  3. A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language
    Edited by: Egbert J. Bakker
  4. A Companion to Ancient History
    Edited by: Andrew Erskine
  5. A Companion to the Ancient Near East
    Edited by: Daniel C. Snell
  6. A Companion to the Ancient Novel
    Edited by: Edmund P. Cueva and Shannon N. Byrne
  7. A Companion to Ancient Thrace
    Edited by: Julia Valeva, Emil Nankov and Denver Graninger
  8. A Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Republic
    Edited by: Jane DeRose Evans
  9. A Companion to Archaic Greece
    Edited by: Kurt A. Raaflaub and Hans van Wees
  10. A Companion to Aristotle
    Edited by: Georgios Anagnostopoulos
  11. A Companion to Byzantium
    Edited by: Liz James
  12. A Companion to Catullus
    Edited by: Marilyn B. Skinner
  13. A Companion to the Classical Greek World
    Edited by: Konrad H. Kinzl
  14. A Companion to Classical Receptions
    Edited by: Lorna Hardwick and Christopher Stray
  15. A Companion to the Classical Tradition
    Edited by: Craig W. Kallendorf
  16. A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean
    Edited by: Jeremy McInerney
  17. A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds
    Edited by: Beryl Rawson
  18. A Companion to Food in the Ancient World
    Edited by: John Wilkins and Robin Nadeau
  19. A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography
    Edited by: John Marincola
  20. A Companion to Greek and Roman Political Thought
    Edited by: Ryan K. Balot
  21. A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities
    Edited by: Thomas K. Hubbard
  22. A Companion to Greek Art
    Edited by: Tyler Jo Smith and Dimitris Plantzos
  23. A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic
    Edited by: Dean Hammer
  24. A Companion to Greek Literature
    Edited by: Martin Hose and David Schenker
  25. A Companion to Greek Mythology
    Edited by: Ken Dowden and Niall Livingstone
  26. A Companion to Greek Religion
    Edited by: Daniel Ogden
  27. A Companion to Greek Rhetoric
    Edited by: Ian Worthington
  28. A Companion to Greek Tragedy
    Edited by: Justina Gregory
  29. A Handbook to the Reception of Ovid
    Edited by: John F. Miller and Carole E. Newlands
  30. A Handbook to the Reception of Thucydides
    Edited by: Christine Lee and Neville Morley
  31. A Companion to Hellenistic Literature
    Edited by: James J. Clauss and Martine Cuypers
  32. A Companion to the Hellenistic World
    Edited by: Andrew Erskine
  33. A Companion to Horace
    Edited by: Gregson Davis
  34. A companion to Josephus
    Edited by: Honora Howell Chapman and Zuleika Rodgers
  35. A Companion to Julius Caesar
    Edited by: Miriam Griffin
  36. A Companion to Late Antiquity
    Edited by: Philip Rousseau
  37. A Companion to the Latin Language
    Edited by: James Clackson
  38. A Companion to Latin Literature
    Edited by: Stephen Harrison
  39. A Companion to Livy
    Edited by: Bernard Mineo
  40. A Companion to the Meuse-Argonne Campaign
    Edited by: Edward G. Lengel
  41. A Companion to the Neronian Age
    Edited by: Emma Buckley and Martin T. Dinter
  42. A Companion to Ovid
    Edited by: Peter E. Knox
  43. A Companion to Persius and Juvenal
    Edited by: Susanna Braund and Josiah Osgood
  44. Petronius: A Handbook
    Edited by: Jonathan Prag and Ian Repath
  45. A Companion to Plutarch
    Edited by: Mark Beck
  46. A Companion to the Punic Wars
    Edited by: Dexter Hoyos
  47. A Companion to the Roman Army
    Edited by: Paul Erdkamp
  48. A Companion to Roman Britain
    Edited by: Malcolm Todd
  49. A Companion to the Roman Empire
    Edited by: David S. Potter
  50. A Companion to Roman Love Elegy
    Edited by: Barbara K. Gold
  51. A Companion to Roman Religion
    Edited by: Jörg Rüpke
  52. A Companion to the Roman Republic
    Edited by: Nathan Rosenstein and Robert Morstein-Marx
  53. A Companion to Roman Rhetoric
    Edited by: William Dominik and Jon Hall
  54. A Companion to Socrates
  55. A Companion to Sophocles
    Edited by: Kirk Ormand
  56. A Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity
    Edited by: Paul Christesen and Donald G. Kyle
  57. A Companion to Tacitus
    Edited by: Victoria Emma Pagán
  58. A Companion to Terence
    Edited by: Antony Augoustakis and Ariana Traill
  59. A Companion to Vergil's Aeneid and its Tradition
    Edited by: Joseph Farrell and Michael C. J. Putnam

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